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Who is Vibrant Vegan?

Vibrant Vegan was created by Delicia Wright. After losing her one year old daughter Ava Rose to a brain tumor she became intrigued in finding solutions to avoid this happening to anyone else in her family. However 6 months later, her great aunt Carol was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. From there Delicia began taking fruits and vegetables to her aunt and educating her on the importance of a plant based lifestyle as it increases our energy and helps us to maintain our optimum level of health. This also inspired Delicia herself to begin meatless Mondays and eventually giving up meat and dairy completely. Through this transition she noticed the lack of vegan options available and from there a seed was planted with the intention to provide plant based food for conscious eaters such as herself and for those simply looking to take a break from meat and dairy while still eating delicious food.

Two years later Vibrant Vegan LLC came to birth by joining Hills Kitchen LLC. During the week Hills Kitchen does serve animal products and on Sundays customers can enjoy the Vibrant Vegan menu 100% plant based. We operate in a licensed facility and we are Servsafe certified. It is our pleasure to be of service to our community and we look forward to seeing you.

Ava Rose Bembry