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What's Plant Based Soul Food?

The term "soul food" has been used for decades and usually consist of popular dishes such as macaroni and cheese, candied yams and fried chicken to name a few. However majority of research shows these types of foods are unhealthy and should be reduced if not completely eliminated from our diets. They clog our arteries which makes our heart have to work harder and any time one organ is compromised the other organs have to work harder as well. The increased inflammation in the body makes it harder to lose weight and the waste of these foods often sit in our intestines for months if not years at time. This allows for toxins to accumulate and contribute to the onset of common illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Here at Vibrant Vegan, "Plant Based Soul Food" doesn't just mean a plant based twist on comfort foods. We recognize that all plant derived dishes are nourishing delights for the soul.